I made these objects in my teens, over 20 years ago. The year on the image is when the picture was taken for copyright purposes. All of them inspired by mathematical objects. The first two fully my own design. I figured out how a cube fits into a  dodecahedron (red) and how a tetrahedron fits into a cube (green). In both cases I did the cube in a black-and-white fabric, contrasting with the red and green of the less common shapes.
twaalfvlak-kubus kubus-viervlak


I got the basic geometry of this 3d-star, based on a dodecahedron, out of a book. The colors are my own design.

A few years ago I took a pottery class. These are some of the results. keramiek-pottery-katinka-hesselink-schaal3-2012-3green-trees-pot-scrafito green-pot-flowers-trees-march-2012

After pottery came making Buddha-images. These are two of the results.

2015-02-28 12.49.40boeddha hoofd 2

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