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Hesselink Publications started in 2014 as the publishing name for my own eBook, Essays on Karma. I have expanded to include spiritual and Buddhist ebooks by friends who want my guidance in publishing on the Amazon Kindle system.

Katinka Hesselink

Essays on Karma, by Katinka Hesselink post image

Essays on Karma is both an introduction, a kind of ‘Karma for dummies’, and a look at the philosophical questions that the doctrine of karma calls up. You will learn to question what you’ve always thought about karma as well as deepen your understanding of the Indian and Buddhist background of this teaching central to much… Read More

Voluntary Death to Alleviate Suffering, by René C. van Oosterwijk post image

Euthanasia and suicide according to the Pali-canon, several Prātimoksa rules and some Chinese Āgama-sūtras If craving for existence leads to suffering, one might conclude that suicide is a solution, but if the desire for death is also a form of craving, it is also an origin of suffering. However, there are suttas which describe suicide… Read More

The Last Days of the Buddha, Early Doctrines Attributed to the Last Phase of the Buddha’s Life post image

The last words a person speaks before they die are generally thought to be of special significance. For this reason this book takes a look at the words the Buddha spoke in his final months. However, before taking them to heart, it makes sense to see which words all the surviving early texts agree on. Is… Read More