I have experience designing websites, writing an eBook for Kindle and publishing two others, editing images, taking photographs and more. On this page I showcase work in all those categories.

Over the past 15+ years I have designed about 30 websites. Recently I have done this on WordPress: a CMS that is easy to use for my clients and that can be made to adapt to my design as well.

Over the years graphics have become increasingly important online. As a result I have a lot of experience turning photographs into graphics. Below you’ll find some of the results, not all of them aimed at the web.

I take pictures of whatever takes my fancy. I look at expression, light, shapes, color and composition. Most of my pictures are taken with a smartphone.

I made these objects in my teens, over 20 years ago. The year on the image is when the picture was taken for copyright purposes. All of them inspired by mathematical objects. The first two fully my own design. I figured out how a cube fits into a  dodecahedron (red) and how a tetrahedron fits… Read More

For an artistic person like me, one of the advantages of the digital age is the ease with which I can now doodle wherever I go. I have two basic themes: geometry and flowers. The bottom one made it as my own design for the cover of my eBook ‘Essays on Karma‘.